Who Do You Say That I Am?

Who Do You Say I Am
Who Do You Say
That I Am?

144 Pages — $10.95
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Table of Contents
  • The Historical Jesus
  • Jesus: True God and True Man
  • Jesus and His Mother
  • Jesus and the Church
  • Jesus and the Sacraments
  • Jesus’ Moral Code
  • The Words of the Lord
  • Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection
  • Jesus and the Last Things

How is Jesus different from Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed? Was Jesus just a good man, or was He God? How do we know that Jesus started a church? Is it possible to find that Church today? How can Mary be called the Mother of God? Is Jesus really present in the Holy Eucharist? Why do Catholics have a cross with Jesus’ body on it? Who was responsible for the death of Jesus? Can we prove that Jesus rose from the dead? Is Jesus one way to Heaven, or is He the only way?

If you would like the answers to these and more than 100 other questions about Jesus, then you should order this book, not only for yourself, but for family, friends, Confirmation candidates, those about to get married, those who teach religion, and those preparing to come into the Catholic Church.

In the Foreword, internationally acclaimed defender of the Faith Patrick Madrid says that Who Do You Say That I Am? offers “a wide and illuminating array of scriptural truths about who Jesus Christ really is, the testimony of early Church Fathers, the teachings of the popes and councils and saints over the centuries. Reading this book will help you be better able to say with clarity and conviction, along with Simon Peter, ‘You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God!’ ”