Catholicism & Society

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Catholicism & Society
257 Pages
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Table of Contents
  • Beatitudes and the Call to Holiness
  • The Four States in Life
  • The Future of Christian Marriage
  • Between Husband and Wife
  • Between Parent and Child
  • The Teenage Years
  • Contraception, Abortion, Euthanasia
  • Between Family and God
  • The Modern Woman
  • The Senior Citizen
  • Racism, Anti-Semitism, Prejudice
  • Christian Stewardship
  • Morality in Public Life
  • Cults and the New Age Movement
  • Advocates of Atheism
  • Marxism and Religion
  • Christian Response to Atheism
  • Our Father: The Perfect Prayer
  • You Can Make a Difference!

Starting with the importance of the Beatitudes in living out our call to holiness, Catholicism and Society offers valuable insights and sound advice on the role of marriage and family in building a good and just society. The book discusses the purposes of marriage, the interplay of husbands and wives and parents and children, how to raise teenagers, and how to combat the anti-family evils of contraception, abortion, and euthanasia. Catholicism and Society also applies Christian moral principles to the role of women in society, the treatment of the elderly, racial discrimination, morality in public life, cults and the New Age Movement, and the ever-present threat of atheism.