Catholicism & Reason

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Catholicism & Reason
275 Pages
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Table of Contents
  • How Do We Know God Exists?
  • Is One Religion as Good as Another?
  • The Historical Reliability of the Gospels
  • The Humanity of Christ
  • The Divinity of Christ
  • The Passion of Christ
  • The Resurrection of Christ
  • The Church Founded on Peter
  • Christ's Church: One and Holy
  • Christ's Church: Catholic and Apostolic
  • Church Authority and Infallibillity
  • The Church and the Bible
  • The Church and Ecumenism
  • The Blessed Trinity
  • Creation and Original Sin
  • The World's Greatest Evil
  • Grace and the Virtues
  • Mystical Body/Communion of Saints
  • Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
  • Mary, Mother of the Church

The most readable apologetics book on the market today, Catholicism and Reason offers a systematic presentation of Catholic beliefs that will prepare the reader to be a knowledgeable and articulate defender of the Catholic Faith. The book focuses on such topics as the existence of God, the historical reliability of the Gospels, the humanity and divinity of Christ, proofs for the resurrection, the founding of the Catholic Church on Peter, and the signs or marks that point to the Church of Jesus Christ today. Also discussed are infallibility, ecumenism, the Blessed Trinity, original and actual sin, grace and the virtues, heaven, hell, and purgatory, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.